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Use the Directory to find members alphabetically by name or use the box below to search for a member directly. There are 60 VA Math Specialist members.

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user iconChe` AbdeljawadProject Participant
user iconSally AdamsProject Guest
user iconKim AllenProject Participant, Project GuestHanover County
user iconKatherine AndersonProject Participant, Project GuestFairfax County Public Schools
user iconTerri BandarraProject Staff
user iconPhyllis BellProject Researcher, Project ParticipantRichmond Public Schools
user iconTiwori BibbyProject Guest
user iconSusan BirnieProject ParticipantAlexandria City Public Schools
user iconJason BlakeProject StaffVirginia Commonwealth University; Virginia Mathematics & Science Coalition
user iconSharon BurtonRichmond Public Schools
user iconSebrina DavisProject GuestRichmond Public Schools
user iconCarolyn DoyleProject ParticipantRichmond Public Schools
user iconAimee EllingtonPI, Project ResearcherVirginia Commonwealth University
user iconKaren EversoleProject ParticipantRichmond Public Schools