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A Methodology to Explain Teachers' Emerging Roles As K-5 Mathematics Specialists


"This paper describes the emerging roles of two K-5 mathematics specialists who are or who will be serving in leadership roles at their respective school buildings. One of the two teachers is a regular elementary classroom whereas the other teacher serves as a mathematics specialist in her school building. Both of these individuals were participants in a case study research project conducted through the MSP grant project. They also completed the degree program through the MSP project. The aim of this research study is to understand the participants induction processes in different settings as they become and/or continue to serve as mathematics specialists. The mathematics specialist coaches teachers on a daily basis and is established as the resident expert on how children learn mathematics. The classroom teacher designs her own opportunities to collaborate and co-teach with other teachers in her building. While she is not the specialist for her building, she is someone that others turn to with questions related to curriculum and pedagogical issues."