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"What do Mathematics Specialists do? A number of specialist models are used in school districts in this country. The most common models are the Lead Teacher model and the specialized teacher model. ...Sometimes called a specialist or coach, such teachers mentor others in the building through planning, teaching, and coaching. They assist staff in interpreting data and designing approaches to improve students' achievement and instruction and to help ensure that mathematics instruction is aligned with state and local curricular frameworks.

They facilitate teachers' use of instructional strategies, including differentiated instruction for diverse learners, and work with families and community leaders to foster school-based partnerships focused on learning mathematics. In addition, they provide buildingwide and, to a lesser extent, districtwide professional development for teachers. Variations of this model may include intervention with small groups of students..."

In this special edition of The Journal of Mathematics and Science, MSP Leaders explore their experiences with math coaches. Follow the links below to view the seven articles authored by MSP colleagues, or view the entire JMS issue online.